Going “up north”

rock skipping

Many of my favorite places in this world are in northern Minnesota, which will always be, simply, “up north” to me. Those two little words connote different things to different people. To me, they signify solitude, exploration, nostalgia, and, of course, the binding force of Lake Superior. That idea of “up north” lies along its seemingly endless rocky beaches and inland along the twisting dirt roads that aren’t on any map. They lie only in the minds of those who live among them and those who choose to take on the challenge of learning and knowing them.

nick on beach

I went up north a few weekends ago. When time and money won’t allow a longer trip, a jaunt northwards satisfies, temporarily, that need to be somewhere else for a time. This last trip was rainy and, along the lake, quite chilly. Despite the weather my boyfriend and I managed to do some hiking and scavenging along the beach.

A world away, it turns out, is only a few hours north.

ship in fog


water droplets


nick with seagull


seagull taking off


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