The Grizzly Conspiracy – Glacier National Park

This past July I my boyfriend and I took a week off to go to Glacier National Park. I had wanted to travel there for a while due to the plentiful opportunities for backpackers. And boy, I was not disappointed.



The lakes were one of my favorite aspects of the park. Pure, unadulterated glacial lakes. So cold they took your breath away, but a swim felt incredible after a long day in 90 degree weather. 022

Lake McDonald was my favorite. Look at how clear the water is!020

Setting up camp. Gotta keep those bears away. You know, we didn’t end up seeing one bear, despite hiking through thick bushes of beautiful, plump huckleberries. 026

How many photos can I take of Lake McDonald and not get sick of it? A lot.030



Hello, universe. It’s nice to see you again.036

We also spent a bit of time in a lesser explored section of the park known as the North Fork area. The topography is less severe, and the roads are terrible, I think both of which cause people to shy away. I, however, found it an extremely relaxing place to spend a couple days. 


Plus, there are lots of lakes perfect for canoeing.044


On our last full day in the park we decided to hike in to a lakeside campsite. It was kind of slim pickings, so we had to just go with what was available. Well, an all day, mostly uphill hike with a heavy backpack and 90+ degree weather did not bode well for me. I got what I think was heat exhaustion and my boyfriend suggested we hunker down right where we were for the night. As you can see, cooking dinner was not ideal.056

Neither were our options for setting up a tent. But, we made do. 054

So I never did see that elusive lake. But the view from where I spent the night wasn’t so bad either.058


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