Yellowstone: A World Unto Its Own

I recently returned from an epic trip out west with my mom, my most compatible traveling companion. We wound our way through the deserts of New Mexico, the mountains of Colorado, and eventually made our way up to that always beautiful and at times otherworldly place, our first national park, Yellowstone. I have been going to Yellowstone since I was tiny. An appreciation for the place is, seemingly, woven into my DNA, through generations of anxious Midwest travelers seeking grandeur out west. I won’t go into detail here, partly because I don’t know where to begin, and partly because others have been doing it better for over a century. Instead I will show you a handful of the photographs I took on this most recent trip. Enjoy.




canyon downed tres

frosty field

To me, the half hour before sunrise is the most beautiful time of day, in a hazy, muted sort of way.


hoof prints

Uh oh. Someone was stepping on the bacterial mats. Can’t you read the signs?

old faithful view

View of Old Faithful Inn/Geyser


308 steps to the bottom of Uncle Tom’s Trail


vertigo-inducing Lower Falls

wolf in grass

a young wolf playfully hunting in a field

mom on boardwalk2

early morning stroll along the boardwalk


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