Still Standing on the Iron Range

The Engine House is all that remains of Mitchell Yards, a former rail yard established in 1906 servicing trains headed to Duluth, MN. The yard, which is located just outside Hibbing on the Iron Range, was also home to two small towns, Mitchell and Redore. Company towns by all accounts, the inhabitants were railroad men and their families. The towns have long since faded into oblivion, but the Engine House remains. It has not been demolished, nor has it been turned into expensive, industrial lofts. I enjoy it the way it is: rusted, crumbling, and slowly being swallowed by meandering tendrils and fallen trees. Don’t get me wrong; I love to see historic buildings returned to their former glory. But, sometimes, just as much, I enjoy being witness to the unhurried passage of time not subject to human influence.

private property vintage

abandoned shack

car top vintage



broken glass

brick crumbling

passageway vintage


broken windshield

truck reflection

Dad (AKA Hippo), fellow explorer

Dad (AKA Hippo), fellow explorer


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